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Monday, September 15, 2008

"Green Lantern" Scripting is Almost Done

Just the other day I was wondering if a Green Lantern movie would ever get made. The character is incredibly interesting and the visuals to bring such a physically enthralling hero to life would be incredible.

Well go figure. Writer Marc Guggenheim ("Eli Stone," "CSI: Miami," "Law & Order") has been working with co-writer Michael Green ("Heroes," "Smallville") and writer/director Greg Berlanti ("Eli Stone") for months on a script for the Green Lantern. Guggenheim reveals the following:

"I've been working my ass off on Green Lantern," he said, then laughed. "I'm ready for a weekend off. I really can't say too much about it. I've sworn a blood oath of secrecy. I will tell you it features Hal Jordan and is an incredibly faithful rendition of the character. It honors everything everyone loves about the hero. We approach it from a fan's perspective. Every step of the way, we ask ourselves what we want to see and what the fans will want to see. I think we have a script that will actually satisfy on those levels. Right now I'm just doing a rewrite for the studio with Greg [Berlanti] and Michael [Green]. We'll turn that in next week. We just keep moving forward. It's really good stuff!"

Hopefully the script is good enough for Warner Brothers to green light (no pun intended) immediately. We need more DC heroes roaming the screens. I'll take Green Lantern, Flash and Wonder Woman over Hulk, Ghost Rider and Elektra any day.

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Robert Gay said...

You'd better not diss Hulk like that. You might make him angry ...and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.