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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Judge Dredd Remake on the Way

Who remembers the Judge Dredd movie in 1995 staring Sylvester Stallone? Anyone? It's okay, you can admit it if you saw it. I saw it too. Pretty bad. But it's good for late night laughs and drinking games consisting of taking shots every time "law" is said.

Outside of that "Judge Dredd" was pretty much considered the worst movie of the year, if not the decade. Now, from DNA films (the producers of "28 Days Later") a remake is in the works. With movies like "300," "Sin City" etc... being so visually impressive, I wouldn't mind seeing Judge Dredd in something of a similar light.

It seems that the artists of the comic book Judge Dredd is based off of, "2000 AD," are helping out with the concept art. It's not official that this art is for the film, but currently all sources point toward that. Here's a brief look:

Not bad. No director is attatched to the remake, but lets hope the creativity can stay up. We want to avoid another hysterical drinking game:

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