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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terminator Salvation News Bytes

Well a lot of T4 news sprang its way to the press recently. Some contradicting, others a relief and some that just leave you hanging.

- Recently E! reported that when director McG was asked about some surprises that would pop up in the new movie, he simply responded: “I can’t talk about it. I can’t talk about the governor of California.” Ha. Is anyone else practically convinced that "Au-nold" is in this movie (in some form) simply because of how much they smirk and joke about the question? Moving on...

- McG reported that Danny Elfman WOULD be using themes and synth established by Brad Fiedel in the first two Terminator films. This comes as a relief to me. I like Elfman, but I think keeping a tight leash on him for this film is a good idea. It needs to sound like "Terminator," not "Nightmare Before Christmas."

- The movie is also said to focus a lot on John Connor finding his role in a future that is rather different from the one his mother warned him of. And although the movie will feature John, predominantly, it will also center on Kyle Reese's character and the warrior he becomes.

- The big contradicting information is the timeline the film is set in. According to Screenrant, McG made it passable for fans of both the "Terminator 3" and "Sarah Connor Chronicles" to enjoy by only referring to T1 and T2. On the other hand the Latino Review states that the movie follows the continuity set forth by T3.

I guess that makes sense, seeing as more people have seen T3 than the television series. But I was hoping, since I prefer the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" continuity, that McG would leave the details between T2 and "Salvation" out so the audience could make up their own minds. But we'll have to see for ourselves I guess.

- Finally there's rumors of Sarah Connor doing a voice over introduction for the film. Although this is mostly speculation it would make since if Linda Hamilton (T1 and T2) did it over Lena Headey (Sarah Connor Chronicles). Although I wouldn't mind hearing Headey's voice if Hamilton turned the job down.

"Terminator Salvation" arrives in theaters May 22.

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