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Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Harvey Dent Alive?

I've been correcting people for months now that Harvey Dent is, in fact, dead at the end of "The Dark Knight." The facts all point to this: The script says he's DEAD. Aaron Eckhart pointed out in a previous interview that the character was DEAD. Ah, but now the actor wants to play with the people's heads.

I'd give you quotes, but this video makes you wonder. Notice the laugh. Why so not serious? (There will be an annoying ad for the first 30 seconds or so-- Just sit tight.)

Now, seriously, Eckhart probably doesn't know squat. Nolan has not yet been signed on to direct another Bat film (yet), there is no story to the third Batman (yet) and he's probably just messing with our heads. (Not to mention Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp would not fit the Nolan Batman movies.)

While the idea of Dent in a coma isn't awful I simply think that the Harvey Dent story arc was concluded to the best degree possible in "The Dark Knight." Yeah. Yeah. Some fans whine and cry that his "Two-Face" form wasn't on screen enough. But this wasn't about Two-Face, it was about another layer of the character we've rarely seen. Even still his Two-Face persona was fleshed out to the degree we normally see it. I'd say he came full circle.

On the other hand, The Joker was left alive for a possible sequel, clearly. But with Ledger gone, it looks like Dent could be resurrected... I didn't say will, I said could.

I hope not though. As I said, Dent's story went full circle and keeping him alive in a third movie would cheapen the themes in "The Dark Knight." Keep Dent dead.

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