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Monday, January 12, 2009

TRAILER - Franklyn

It's one of those movies that have you wondering: "Is this going to be a superior take on all the things coming out in this country?"

While "Franklyn" will premiere in the UK Feb. 20th, there is no release date for America...yet. My guess is Warner Brothers doesn't want it stealing "Watchman's" thunder and other studios are afraid to pick it up and be labeled a rip-off.

But really there aren't many comparisons between this trailer and "Watchman." There's a character in "Watchman" that looks similar, yes, but this movie looks more like "V for Vendetta" meets "Dark City." Even then I'm only comparing visuals.

The synopsis revolves around four characters in two worlds, the most notable being the vigilante Preest, hunting down his arch enemy in Meanwhile City. The other characters don't fit that mold: A homeless man looking for his son, a young woman searching for pure love and another woman finding peace in her suicidal art projects. Obviously, their paths will cross. Take a look.

Pretty cool trailer overall. I'm certainly interested. Here's to hoping some studio picks it up soon.

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