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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Arrested Development's" Development

First, I want to confirm that Michael Cera's dumb ass has finally decided to return as the son of Michael Bluth. The actor was holding out and, seemingly, stalling the production of the film. It appears hes had a change of heart-- Not that I would have missed the guy had he decided to not do the film. Although I suppose it would've been difficult to write him out.

Meanwhile, Mitch Hurwitz, creator of the comedy that was too good for television, a fact known because it was canceled, (I'm serious, that's how you can always tell) gave a brief update on the film. Apparently, for the first time ever, he and his writers are feeling the pressure of creating a story with these abstract characters:

"Here's what's going on with the movie: Everyone goes off and has careers and that kind of thing, so it's been a little challenging to schedule everybody together, but everyone who has agreed to make this movie has agreed to make this movie, and we're going to make the movie. I haven't written it yet, so I'll be accepting pitches. We're determined to do this.

It was a great joy and privilege, all kidding aside, to do a show that took risks and with such a wonderful cast and wonderful writers," he continued. "For us, it's irresistible. Here's an interesting thing about it. When we did the show, one of the things that really made it work is that we didn't hold ourselves up to any standard. We got a lot of positive critical recommendations, but we even kind of ignored those and just did what was funny to us, and kind of remained the underdog in a great way. It was very clear early on that we weren't going to be a big hit, so it really was a labor of love. Now suddenly, there is a bar to hit. I think the key to this is once we get as many pieces as we're going to, which appears we have, we'll just dive in and have fun and see if we can create the same thing. But we're excited about it."

Not yet written? It sounds like the final cut of this movie is still way off. None-the-less, fans of the show, like myself, are at least excited that its been green lit. I look forward to both closure and the idea it might spawn an expanded franchise. Good luck Mitch.

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