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Friday, July 24, 2009

TRAILER - Tron Legacy

I haven't been updating much on the Comic Con front because, frankly, I've found most of the news from this year's Con rather bland. Surprisingly, the one thing that has caught my eye is the movie I probably had the least amount of interest in.

Lets face it. Yes, "Tron" was a groundbreaking movie. Yes, it did have incredible visuals and for this it will continue to take up a very big space in cinematic history books. But its storyline is flawed with poor character development, insufferable pacing and an overabundance of flash. Suddenly I engulf memories of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and its long winded visuals of the Enterprise flying around V'ger. Both movies look great! But a script should fill out the running time of a movie, not soulless visuals. In an attempt to make "Tron" in to some epic art house flick, it spirals out in to the worst B-Movie territory.

Here, however, is a trailer that takes a good idea and reels in the audience with curiosity. I've heard even people who haven't seen the original "Tron" are psyched for this movie. Perhaps the Tron franchise has more to offer than I thought. Time will tell.

Jeff Bridges' surprising appearance adds a layer of familiarity for fans, and a grasp of substance for newcomers. I hope the movie holds the same amount of spark and surprise as the trailer does.

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