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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"The Dark Knight" Casting Update

Finally! Some news on my favorite superhero and the sequel to my favorite superhero movie, "Batman Begins"!
First off Matt Damon turned down the role of Harvey Dent (the pre-Two-Face) who will make cameo appearences in this film and probably be a major player in the third film. Other actors beign considered for the role are Josh Lucas ("Poseidon", "Glory Road"), Jamie Foxx (please don't...) and Edward Norton ("The Illusionist", "Fight Club").
Meanwhile Katie Holmes will not be in the new film, but the character she plays, Rachel Dawes, is still in the script. The filmmakers are looking for an actress to replace her now. While this doesn't surprise me, I wish she would return for consistancy sake. Clearly Warner Bros. didn't like the publicity she and Cruise got during the release of "Batman Begins" and this is their "answer" to it. But if there were anyone these movies could survive without, it's Holmes.
"The Dark Knight" is being directed by the genius of Christopher Nolan, again, and is shooting for a summer 2008 release. Can't wait!

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