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Friday, January 26, 2007

Original? Nope: New King Movie, Howard's Return and More

I thought this was worth mentioning for the sake of humor. As if Hollywood hasn't drained itself of enough innovation, the next Stephen King novel-turned-movie will be "The Mist". A film about a strange mist covering a town and the main characters lock themselves in a supermarket to survive an attack from strange creatures. Sounds like "The Fog" meets almost every zombie movie out there. How many movies do we need where the characters are stuck in a market or mall with lots of creatures stumbling around outside?
In other movie news Nicole Kidman is starring in a thriller called, "The Invasion" and yes it's exactly how it sounds: Aliens. Speaking of which M. Night just got the shaft from several companies when he tried to sell a script to his latest project which has aliens in it again. I guess after the bad wrap "The Village" and "Lady in the Water" got no one wants him these days. Harvey Keitel ("Resevoir Dogs") is in final talks to join "The Ministers". The film is about an NYPD cop that had her father killed by a group known as...guess. Anyway, this cop unknowgling falls in love with one of the people in this group and we can assume all hell breaks loose. Sounds like "Sleeping with the Enemy" to me. Anyway, atleast they're trying to do something a bit more original... Perhaps they don't know it's all been done before?
On a plus side, there does seem to be a little hope. Ron Howard has decided to make a comeback with "The Emperor's Children". A comedy of manners based on a book about three highly educated people who are thought to do something important and are having trouble meeting that expectation. Howard has made very few misses, I'll give a shot.

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