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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Junior?" - Sean Connery in Indy 4?

Sean Connery is considering returning as Dr. Henry Jones, Indiana Jones father, in the next Indiana Jones film. He chose his words carefully saying, "Perhaps." And that it, "All depends on the script. I haven't gotten it yet."
I think this movie is kind of ridiculous. "Rocky Balboa" was ridiculous, but it had a pretty good reason to exist-- "Rocky V" sucked! That franchise needed to end on a much better note than it did. "Indiana Jones", however, had nothing wrong with it. It ended perfectly with all of the characters riding in to the sunset! "The Last Crusade" was a great film! Why this? Plus wouldn't Indiana's father be dead by now? Harrison Ford is no spring chicken, I can't see him running from boulders and swinging on whips in this next movie. Whatever, the movie is starting production this summer.

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