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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"The Dark Knight" Crashes to DVD/Blueray Dec. 9th!

If there's any movie worth owning from this year, it is, without a doubt, "The Dark Knight." Speculation on the DVD release has been in the air for awhile now,but at least there's a date and some box art to ease some people.

"The Dark Knight" will be released on DVD and Blueray this December 9th. As of right now pictures are available of a 2-Disc Edition and Limited Edition with a model of the Batpod. Both are Blueray, but one could assume that the Batpod edition will be available on DVD as well. Nothing is confirmed yet. Click to enlarge:

2-Disc Edition:

Limited "Batpod" Edition:

Specs are obviously on the back of each package, but there's yet to be an official word on all that's included on these discs. Rumor has it there may not be an audio commentary on it (Noooo!), but it's not yet been confirmed. There may also be a one disc DVD edition available as well. More to come, but December 9th the best of us know we will be grabbing that Batpod!

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