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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Transformers 2" to Have Imax Footage

As bad as the first "Transformers" was, it did have some effects shots that were so big that a regular multiplex screen had a difficult time keeping it epic. For some of its action sequences alone, putting "Transformers" in Imax was a good choice. But it looks like Bay wants to catch up with Christopher Nolan on his idea.

Like "The Dark Knight," "Transformers 2" will have a few of its action sequences filmed in Imax, thus engulfing the entire screen with its picture. Good move. The movie now has my attention. Watching a movie on Imax is worth its price, even if only a few shots are truly giving you the "Imax Experience." I do hope more filmmakers follow this idea rather than the 3D crap.

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