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Friday, April 24, 2009

Predator Reboot, "Predators"

It was inevitable. The Predator franchise is getting a fat reboot from 20th Century Fox. I know. Fox. That's already a huge strike against it. However, there's hope; Robert Rodriguez is producing the film which is possibly [loosely] based on a treatment he wrote for a Predator sequel over a decade ago.

Looks like the project will mostly be headed by Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios instead of being grounded at Fox. So that's a plus, right?

Rodriguez isn't directing, but with him overseeing the project you have to wonder what it will be like. I'm getting more and more comfortable with franchise reboots because they don't always mean "remake," and this doesn't feel like a full blown remake either. Afterall, "Batman Begins," and "Casino Royale" gave fresh slates to their respective franchises. "Terminator Salvation" and "Star Trek" look great as well-- But then there's the flip side: Rob Zombie's "Halloween," for example.

So will this be a good thing or not? One thing is for sure, Fox hasn't been on the ball lately and to attempt a reboot with their current track record is a bit of risk. However, Rodriguez on board does bode well.

July 7th of next year: "Predators." (Yikes... sooner than you thought, huh?) Rodriguez and Fox better find a director and writer fast!

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