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Friday, April 24, 2009

TRAILER - Halloween 2

I should have titled this as "Rob Zombie's Textbook Raping of Mike Myers." A sequel I can deal with, but what's with emo-mother Myers in the funny white dress giving Mike orders? The horror-cliched trailer might have been effective had I not started laughing when Mike's mother, from the previous movie, returns as some cheesy apparition. Yes, yes. I know. A trailer shows things out of context and the cheesiest of lines and images can end up being very compelling. But given the ho-hum, uneven direction of Zombie's first "Halloween," I can't see it being too intriguing.

So Mike's been killing everyone because he thinks his mommy is telling him too. Why relate this all back to his mother? Didn't we do this in "Psycho?" Fair attempt Zombie. Fair attempt.


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