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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Terminator Franchise Gets New Home in February

The Terminator franchise is still for sale and the bankrupt Halcyon, current owner of the franchise, apparently wasn't swooned with Joss Whedon's $10,000 bid. Originally, the franchise was estimated to be bought by January 2010, but now negotiations (with who?) seem to be set to end in February.

Anyone want to buy it? Hell, if I had the money, I would! Then I'd put The Sarah Connor Chronicles back in production faster than you can say, "I'll be back!"

It looks like Halcyon is really hurting though. They're selling every prop, set piece and lights (almost "trashed" by Bale) to movie collectors crazy enough to love a brick you might have seen on screen.

Was Terminator Salvation worth the pain guys? Regardless, I hope Warner Brothers gets the franchise, makes some badass movies and gives The Sarah Connor Chronicles a proper send off. No, I haven't given up hope. Nor should you.



Anonymous said...

I hope the new owners can bring back T:SCC somehow!

RoxyB said...

a Proper send off? No no no no no... A *continuation* is what we want! Be it a TV series or a series of movies, we want MORE Sarah Connor Chronicles!