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Monday, February 5, 2007

"The Flash" Director

Shawn Levy, director of the recent "Night at the Museum" will director Warner Bros. new "Flash" movie.
Originally writer David Goyer (writer of "Batman Begins") was set to write and direct the film, but left recently, probably over creative differences with the studio.
Levy has confirmed he has no intention of making the film a comedy, but is aiming for something lighter hearted than "Superman Returns" and "Batman Begins".
Sounds like Goyer was going for a much darker approach and wasn't going to be allowed to do what he wants with the franchise. This is sad. I think Warner Bros. wants to cash in on a superhero that much wider audiences can accept, much like Sony and Marvel's "Spider-Man" franchies. I really wish Goyer was still helming the film, I mean, "Night at the Museum? Come on! Goyer is a comic book specialist. He was a writer gifted with putting a superhero on screen and he gets the boot for a guy who directs a kiddie comedy with Ben Stiller? Ok, i have yet to see "Night at the Museum", but still, Goyer should be allowed to do what he wants with "The Flash". Poor decision...

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