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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Star Wars: Beating a Dead Horse

Time to let it go Lucas... Although I can't see him doing anything else worthwhile. Associated Press reported Lucas is going to bring great support to the "Star Wars" series in the next several years. Next there will be a Star Wars animated series of sorts and supposedly in 2009 we'll be getting a live-action Star Wars television sereis...supposedly. I'm not too surprised by this really, but I don't know what more needs to be told in this series. Perhaps if one of these series centered around Vader hunting down the remainign Jedi it'd be kind of cool. But it seems like Lucas just won't let go of this fantasy. At some point people are going to get sick of it.
What really blew my mind are vague reports of another Star Wars DVD release. I don't know how much truth is behind this because everywhere I look it's just more and more speculation. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. I frankly don't and am not going to spend energy on the subject when i know there are already a couple different versions of these DVDs floating around. First the overpriced boxsets, then the lower price box set without the extra disc and then all of them sold seperate with both the original and special edition cuts included. What more can you do?
It just amazes me, he finishes the story like he wants, we get really poor prequels, (yes, Episode 3 was poor) rereleases of the original series on different levels, a cartoon mini-series leading up to Episode 3 and it's still not enough. He's got to milk it further. Why? man...what do rich people strive for...what DO people with lots of money want more of-- Oh! Oh! That's right, more money. Silly me.
Well, more on that when I start caring.

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