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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Narnia News: "The Prince of Caspian"

Bob Beltz was recently asked by Infuzed Magazine what the status was for the new Narnia film. He said it's underway and the movie is sticking quite close to the book. Andrew Adams will be directing again and much of the same cast and crew from the first film will be returning. Although I find this hard to swallow, he stated that everything that was in the book will be in the film. Anyone want to take him up on that?
He stressed that he doesn't think this will be the case for all of them, because these people don't want to be spending the rest of their lives on just one series. But anyone who's kept up with the "Harry Potter" films knows a change in crew is inevitable. Although they have no choice for the next two. After "Prince of Caspian" is 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Beltz says that all the kids look the same for the most part, with the exception of Skanday Keynes, who plays Edmund. Apparently he's really shot up and he's not suppose to look as old as he does right now for the next film. "The big challenge is going to be Edmund I think." He continues, "We're going to try and film the next two ["Caspian" and "Voyage"] in a way that it won't have to be two and a half years between them. We'll be able to bring them out sequentially a year apart. In theory, what we'll do is as soon as they are done filming 'Caspian' and into post-production, then we'll have a new crew to do the filming part of 'Dawn Treader.' Then when that one goes into post-production, we're hoping to go into 'The Silver Chair,' which would be the next book into production."
Pretty good plan, a good way to keep the crew's focus on one film rather than filmming two at a time like so many franchise do these days. The film is schedualed to be out May 16, 2008. While "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" wasn't my favorite movie, it was enjoyable and very well made. I am certainly anxious to see the next film in this series. Looks good.

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