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Friday, February 9, 2007

Sony Pictures Puts the GEAR to the METAL Baby!

It has been confirmed that Sony Pictures will bring Hideo Kojima's video game masterpiece, "Metal Gear Solid" to the big screen. The adaptation will be produced by Michael De Luca (producer of the Rush Hour and Blade movies and "American History X") and will team up with Hideo Kojima as Executive Producer on the project. Very vague info, but atleast we know it's happening. The movie has been rumored for awhile and Kojima had been saying he was trying to find the right company for it.
Now for those of you think, "but....almost all the video game movie adaptations have sucked." Play "Metal Gear Solid", any of them! The games are basiclly movies anyway, you're watching it just as often as you're playing it. The Metal Gear mythos is meant for the screen and is far easier to adapt than the painful "Super Mario Bros." movie. I can't wait!
Nothing is concrete as far as casting goes, but the name being thrown around for Snake with Kojima and Luca is Hugh Jackman.

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