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Monday, March 19, 2007

Spidy 3 Poster and "Spider-Man Needs A Rest"

First up, a brand new "Spider-Man 3" poster. This is, the international poster used for the film-- I feel like they're overdoing the reflection thing though.

Meanwhile Kirsten Dunst was recently asked about the future of the Spider-Man film franchise.
"I think he [director Sam Raimi] needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else and then maybe we'll revisit it." Dunst said. And what about the possibility of doing a "Spider-Man 4" without Raimi? Here's what she had say about that: "Do they want to give Sam Raimi a heart attack? That's evil. Sorry, that's not happening any time soon. I would just say no for Sam's sake so that he can have a break. We would all do it together because Sam, Tobey and I are a team now, but there's no way it's going to happen very soon. I just can't imagine that. We don't have the story to tell right now."

So right now, the chances of a sequel seem slim. Maybe there will be one day, maybe not. Maybe it will just be one of those franchises that are remembered fondly and then 30 years later they'll either want to revive it or remake it. That seems to be the new pattern here.

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