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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Avi Arad to Produce "Maximum Ride"

James Patterson, author of the blockbuster book series "Maximum Ride," has teamed up with producer Avi Arad for the "Maximum Ride" movie. Patterson and Arad have announced they will be working with a very famous director for the movie, but wouldn't say who.

Famous director? Should that sound promising? Michael Bay is a famous director, but he's not someone I'd put in the category of all-time greats. And while Arad has watched over some fun movies, others under his belt aren't to good. (The "Fantastic Four" flicks, "X-Men: The Last Stand.") Not that all of it was his fault, but did anyone notice "Galactus" in the "Fantastic Four" sequel? That was his decision. Not that it was a good movie anyway. And of course he was the one who forced Sam Raimi to stuff Venom in the already packed "Spider-Man 3."

I certainly hope for the best as far as a "Maximum Ride" movie goes. It's my favorite book series; despite the glaring flaws and plot holes in the last two books, the books know how to engage readers and non-readers alike. I hope a film does the book(s) justice.

Patterson recently released the fourth book in the series, "The Final Warning."

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