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Friday, March 21, 2008

"Dirty Harry" Part Six

It seems that Eastwood is dropping the Oscar act this year and giving the character, affectionately known as "Dirty Harry," one last spin in a film in a film entitled "Grand Torino." At least that's what the word is on the street. Eastwood is slowly slinking his way in to his 80s and it's hard to believe Harry Callahan would still be working on anything. Is this a nostalgic movie strictly for fans like "Rocky Balboa," "Rambo" and "Indiana Jones" is? Or is the fan boy banter headquarters making this stuff up? Can Harry Callahan feel lucky one more time? Would it be better if I did all of this as a voice over?

I don't normally put rumors up here, but this project is getting such a loud buzz it's hard to pass up. If Eastwood is returning to Harry, how will it play out? What can a man at his age do?

"Grand Torino" starts filming soon and will be rushed in to theaters for a December release. Hopefully we'll find out soon what this movie is.

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