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Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Rambo V" Locations Being Set Up

After a few interviews of Stallone dancing back and forth between the possibility and impossibility of a "Rambo V," it seems the movie may become a reality. Sounds stages are currently being built in Sofia, Bulgaria and "Rambo V" is the production slated to use the area. Is it true, or is this banter that needs some rumor control?

Producer Harvey Weinstein was excited about the prospect of another, and at one point Stallone even said he would like to continue the series. (Only to confuse everyone by saying otherwise after the fourth movie was released.)

As for me, "Rambo" was simply a small blip on the radar. I've said before, it was inappropriate with its action and thoughtless with its characters. Not a horrid movie, but it didn't compare to the first two Rambo flicks. I'd rather not see a "Rambo V." Let it be.

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