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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Cloverfield" DVD Specs.

As miserable as the first three months of the year are for movies (and they especially have been this year), one has stood out. Being the best of the year, thus far, "Cloverfield" is a movie that deserves an abundance of special features with its DVD release. And it seems that it will have plenty. Below are confirmed features, including the front and back DVD artwork. Click to enlarge:

Special Features:
Commentary by Director Matt Reeves
The Making of Cloverfield
Cloverfield Visual Effects
I Saw It! It's Alive! It's Huge - Featurette
Clover Fun - Featurette
Deleted Scenes:
- Congrats Rob
- When You're in Japan
- I Call That a Date
- It's Going to Hurt
- Alternate Ending #1
- Alternate Ending #2

The DVD will also contain some easter eggs. Though I'm not sure what they are or where you can find them on the DVD, the confirmed eggs are as follows:
- Slusho!
- Person of Interest - JLVD Video 2
- Person of Interest - JLVD Video 5
- Person of Interest - JLVD Video 9
- Person of Interest - JLVD Video 11
- Rack 'Em & Pack 'Em
- Fighting the X

Well, it looks like Paramount will be getting more of my money.

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