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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Vague Plot Synopsis

Although some might think this post needed to be added to my "Bad Ideas" post, I, for the most part, enjoyed the "Pirates" movies. The second film is hard to sit through, admittedly, and although the third had flaws I enjoyed it a lot more. They're fun, well acted fantasy films. I could say my expectations were higher, but I'd be lying.

Anyway, even though I don't think we're in any need of a third sequel, we are getting just that! The plot of "Pirates 4" will center around Jack Sparrow and crew finding the fountain of youth. In a addition, they will be up against a Captain Nemo-esque villain armed with the latest technology for the time. (i.e. There's no plausible way anyone could make whatever we'll see in that time period. So begin swallowing that bit of information now.)

While the rumored "steam-punk" addition to this movie will no doubt be interesting, I'm wondering how it will look in contrast to the rather over-the-top fantasy elements these movies have thrived on. Plus I keep seeing flashes of the giant, steam powered mecha-spider from "The Wild, Wild West." That's right. I just dug up a movie that horrible from my memory banks. Are we still okay with this Captain Nemo-like character's technology?

Still no word if Bloom or Knightley will return. It looks unlikely though. "Pirates 4" is most likely to begin shooting next year.

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