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Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Owns Marvel: Maybe Not a Bad Thing?

When I heard today that Disney had bought Marvel Comics for a whopping $4 Billion I wasn't exactly thrilled. Once again, I was provided with evidence that Disney will end up owning everything. At the same time I was a little dismayed by all the negativity. I logged on to twitter, facebook and followed comments made on various entertainment news sites-- The reaction was bombastic. Is it really that bad?

Actually, probably as a result of being fed up with the negative reactions, I'm beginning to think this could be a good thing.

First of all, we won't be seeing the effects of Disney's Marvel for awhile. Paramount still has the rights to distribute "Iron Man 2," and the "Thor," and "Captain America" movies. "The Avengers" is still under Paramount's wing as well, but that, and the other two films, are a long way off. Disney has said they will keep their distance from the current productions, trusting the current crew. But once these movies have been distributed, Disney will be the sole owner of everything future Marvel.

Not a terrible thing considering Marvel has unofficially been under financial stress. (I detail my theory on that here.) Is it really that bad if Disney steps in to help pay the hard working cast and crew? Besides, the more dollar signs, the more likely we'll continue to see A-list filmmakers join the Marvel community.

And then, the big one: Will Pixar make a Marvel oriented movie? Disney CEO Bob Iger has remarked on the idea:

"Pixar boss John Lasseter talked to the Marvel guys about this and they all got excited about it. We think there’s ultimately some exciting product that [could] come of that."

A Pixar Marvel movie? Those are some exciting prospects! I know the world is afraid of what Disney may do to the Marvel world, but ultimately, I doubt they'll do much to get in the way creatively. I'm sure it'll be the same old Marvel, just with a Disney logo attached to it.

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