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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bond's New Theme Goes White...

Bond theme songs are a big part of the 007 movies. The opening theme often reflects what the rest of the soundtrack will sound like and utilizes themes that often instrumental variations on the opening song. "Casino Royale" had, what I believe, was one of the very best opening themes to a Bond film. It reflected Bond's badassery, and it revealed what the movie's major (and non-musical) themes would be, without spoiling the movie.

That said, I can't tell you how unthrilled I am that The White Stripes' Jack White is part of "Quantum of Solace's" opening. The opening song, entitled "Another Way to Die," will be the first duet theme in the long running Bond series. I hope Alicia Keys can balance out Jack White, but I'm not necessarily a fan of her either. From Chris Cornell of Audioslave to Jack White of The White Stripes? That's not simply a dip in to mediocrity, that's just plain bad.

My apologies to you White Stripes and Alicia Keys fans... For you liking them.

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