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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thundercats: CG or Live Action?

It was recently revealed in an interview that Tyrese Gibson ("Transformers") may be playing "someone" from Warner Brothers' upcoming, big screen adaptation of "Thundercats."

(For those who weren't boys that grew up in the late 80s or had no idea what Toonami was, "Thundercats" follows heroic, cat-humanoids from the planet Thundera. In the animated series, Lion-O, and his team of Thundercats, now reside on Third-Earth where they must do battle with Mumm-Ra, an evil, mummified sorcerer.)

Sounds like fun, no? If feline-humanoids with swords and ripping muscles don't get some basement nerds' attention, the fact that one of these cat-like humans is a sexy gal, filled to the rim with fur, cat ears, a tail and D-cups, should be enough to get them to make the scary trip to the theater. Who doesn't want to watch Lion-O screaming "Thundercats-Hoooo!" while hitting that, right?

Humor aside, Gibson was very coy with the subject. Though it seems to be proof that the Thundercats film is moving forward it begs one to wonder-- Is this live action? Or is Gibson simply going to lend his voice to a CG character? Granted, a live action movie seems like a ridiculous feat, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood before, right?

On a different subject, video game director (or designer...?) Jerry O'Flaherty will be given the director's chair for this. It seems fitting that a video game director might do a CG adaptation of the film, so that's points for the CG argument. But if this is live action... God help us all. Of course, no matter what it is, we all know we'll see it to keep our nostalgia burning. More as it comes.

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Corbin said...

Jerry O'Flaherty is an art director. He worked on Gears of War.