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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Poll Results - What Did You Think of "The Dark Knight?"

Well this was an interesting little landslide of a poll. Not surprising though. An an usually high number of people voted this time around. 52? That has to be a record. I didn't think 52 people visited my site. Maybe they don't. Maybe someone was cheating. Who knows, but as it stands "The Dark Knight" won over a lot of people's hearts.

45 (86%) people thought the film was Incredible.

6 (11%) stiffs thought it was on Good.

1 (1%) dingbat thought it was Average.

And, rightly so, the last two options (Overrated, Awful) were left at 0%.

It seems "Dark Knight-mania" has caught on hard. I agree, it is one more incredible film. I'll get a review out for it one of these days.

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