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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More on The Venom Spin-Off

Last February is was announced that a solo Venom film would be moving forward at Sony Pictures. Very little followed the announcement, with no word if Topher Grace will return or who would write it.

As it turns out the initial draft was written by Jacob Estes ("Mean Creek"), but the Studio wants to take the character in a different direction. Supposedly, since "Spider-Man 4" isn't due until 2004, Sony hopes this will refresh the franchise until the Wall-Crawling hero returns. And for those hoping for something better than Topher Grace making sexual connotations out of Spider-Man's famous lines, fear not, Sony is looking to find someone else to play the villain turned anti-hero in this film.

There's no release date yet, but chances are Sony will rush this thing in to production and get it in theaters before "Spider-Man 4."

Venom is a cool character, but something sounds wrong about this movie. Venom's own movie? Can anyone really imagine that? All I can think of is a "Scorpion King" quality film with a CGI Venom laying waste to the city as he fights some other creature. There's simply something about that entire idea that feels..."off."

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Anonymous said...

A Venom Spin off doesn't make any sense. Wasn't the character killed off in the first place in Spider-man 3?