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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poll - Who Do You Want Spidey to Face Off in "Spider-Man 4?"

Well this was a close one. For awhile I wasn't sure who was going to win, Carnage or Lizard. It turned out, with just hours away from the poll ending, Lizard snatched away the win by one vote. It's probably the only poll I've put up where I didn't know the outcome after two days.

Even though Carnage and Lizard where the stars of this poll, I was surprised at some of the other votes too. It's pretty obvious that no one wants Sandman back though.

Lizard - 10 Votes - 37%

Sandman - 0 Votes - 0%

Carnage - 9 Votes - 33%

Scorpion - 2 Votes - 7%

Hobgoblin - 1 Vote - 3%

Vulture - 0 Votes - 0%

Chameleon - 0 Votes - 0%

Rhino - 3 Votes - 11%

Other - 2 Votes - 7%

I'm really surprised at how many of you want Carnage. As badly as Venom was done, do we really want Sam Raimi to tackle another character he doesn't like? Lizard seems more in Raimi's taste and the build up to this villain has been there since the first movie. Carnage is cool in theory, but I think I'll skip these alien monsters in the series... At least for now.

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