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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poster - "Valkyrie"

Here be the poster for the upcoming Brian Singer film, "Valkyrie." Now I haven't reported much on this film over the year because, frankly, I don't know what the hell it is. Oh, I know it's about a plot conceived by high ranking German soldiers to assassinate Adolf Hitler-- What I don't know is what kind of movie it's suppose to be.

Originally it was set for early fall, then was pushed back to early 2009 due to re-shoots. (Most people consider re-shoots a bad thing. I've been against such a mindset, but... I've been wrong before.) Then it gets moved back to late fall for the Oscar season.

So is it a "give-me-an-Oscar" movie? Or just a fun fall flick? The PG-13 rating and half-serious, half-action posed poster only confuses me further. I thought we'd have a better idea of what this movie is going to be by now, but I guess not. For those who what to find out, see it December 26th. Merry Christmas.

Click to enlarge:

"I have a baaad feeling about this." - Han Solo

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