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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Unbreakable 2" Still on the Table?

"Unbreakable" is without a doubt my favorite film of M. Night Shyamalan's. I will refuse to jump on the bandwagon and call "The Sixth Sense" his best work-- "Unbreakable" was the victim of people wanting "The Sixth Sense 2" and instead they got a different movie. However, the film has gained a huge following over the years and is considered by most film nerds, more or less, as an underrated gem. Its psychological look in to the comic book world of superheroes, and supervillains, is an excellent introduction to those who do not value the complexity of Wolverine, Batman, Spider-Man and so on. It's an underrated masterpiece, and one that completely mops the floor with M. Night's last three films.

Now that I'm done defending/praising/promoting the original "Unbreakable," on to the new stuff! It seems that M. Night has never fully abandoned the idea of a sequel to the film. Originally "Unbreakable" was to be the first of a trilogy. But moderate box office success and blatantly misunderstood reviews kept that from happening. However, in a world where superhero movies are the ultimate keys to box office receipts could an "Unbreakable 2" be possible?

“I tell you I get asked about it all the time, so it’s not [an idea] I ever forget,”
said Shyamalan. “I genuinely just asked this question the other day — should I make ‘Unbreakable 2’? I made the mistake of getting caught up in the hype of the immediate reaction of the movie, which, experience has shown me, is not accurate to any of my movies. And If I had been more confident and said ‘I believe in that movie, I love that movie, and I should just go start writing the second one,' that would’ve been the right move. I’ve still been thinking about it a lot and wonder if it’s too late.”

Part of me wants to stand up and scream, "It's not too late!" The other part of me looks at "The Village" and "The Happening" and doesn't want M. Night to taint "Unbreakable" with a very breakable movie. Samuel L. Jackson has already stated he'd be up for a sequel and I'm sure Bruce Willis could be persuaded to return as David Dunn. Should it happen? I'm torn on this. Extremely torn. As of right now though, I wouldn't complain if M. Night began work on it.

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