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Monday, March 10, 2008

AVP3 on the Way

I am and am not surprised by this news. While I greatly enjoyed both of the AVP movies they're more of a guilty pleasure and I'll be the first to admit... They suck. Plus the second film seemed to be hated more than the first by general audiences and critics. (Not to mention poor box office receipts.)

On the other hand I think Fox has been aiming for an AVP trilogy from the start. So here we go again. The aliens and predators will do battle at least one last time and Fox better pull out all the stops if they want it to: a) do well and b) be liked. Is third time a charm here? Often no, but we'll see. Most fans want to see an alien and predator battle in space, or a futuristic setting, and I hope that's what they go for.

No mention of the Strause Brothers returning or when pre-production will begin. (If it hasn't already.)

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