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Monday, March 10, 2008

TRAILER(S) - Speed Racer (International Trailers)

Two new, and very cool, international trailers have been released for the Wachowski Brother's "Speed Racer." While it looks like one of those movies you either love or hate I think "Transformers" should take note. The look of this film really feels like an animated cartoon gone live action.

Nothing is "adapted" exactly, it simply looks like the TV show was turned in to reality. The colors, the animated flare, the costumes-- They all look surreal in a live action environment and they should! Animation takes action to make reality more exciting. One can argue that it works better in animation and it should stay there, but I think basing as much detail on an animated world alone is a wonderful idea and I hope the Wachowskis pull it off. Here's the trailers:

And how badass is Matthew Fox?

Speed races to theaters May 9.

EDIT - WB has decided to be shits and pull off most of the trailers. I'll try to find other links for anyone who's interested.

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