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Monday, March 10, 2008

"Max Payne" Goes Forward

A few months ago it was revealed that Mark Wahlberg will be playing the title character of the video game adaptation of "Max Payne." Since that announcement everything has been so quiet that I was wondering if the movie was going to be made. Perhaps I just haven't been paying attention. The here is the crew line-up:

John Moore ("Behind Enemy Lines," "The Omen") is directing based on a script by unknown Beau Thorne. Mila Kunis will play opposite of Wahlberg.

John Moore is not an exceptional director, but he can make some fun, mildly respectable flicks. The problem is, who remembers any of them? "Behind Enemy Lines" was probably his best thing. "Flight of the Phoenix" was pretty entertaining. "The Omen?" Meh.

I often trust Wahlberg's choices in scripts so I'll give it a chance. Not that all the movies he's been in have been great. ("Planet of the Apes" anyone? And "Four Brothers" is likable, but it felt like it should have been more.)

"Max Payne" is currently in the middle of filming and will be released in theaters this October.

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