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Friday, March 14, 2008

Robocop Gets Rebuilt...

MGM recently told the press about the "exciting" catalog of movies coming our way in the future. Of course they mention "Quantum of Solace" first, but we already knew about Bond's new adventure. Then they mention the forever-in-development-hell (or at least it seems like it) "Thomas Crown Affair." And then blips on the radar like "The Outer Limits" and "The Pink Panther 2" were mentioned. I couldn't care less.

But here's the kicker. MGM also mentioned a new "Robocop" movie. And with all the remakes going on these days, I don't think they're talking about a sequel to the miserable third movie from 1993.

As a young Padawan, my mother, an avid fan of all things film, once said to me that they should try to remake bad movies because there's something to at least make better. (I use to agree, but seeing as bad movies do get remade I'm left unimpressed. "Rollerball" was awful the first time, but did anyone check out the remake? Yikes!)

Some might put "Robocop" in the bad movie category and believe a remake is suitable for such a film. While I admit it's not Shakespeare, I think "Robocop" is a great satiric, cult movie that has earned its right to be remembered fondly in film history. That said, (you know it's coming) a remake sounds like an awful idea to me. I simply don't care to see the story remade. It was told well the first time and its left its mark. The only thing a remake can provide is greater special effects. (I can already see the CGI leaking from the screen to create Robocop.)

Let it be, I say. But as I've discovered, big studios don't listen to blogs run by tired college students that about three people visit. Ah well. Maybe one day.

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