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Monday, March 10, 2008

It's a Long Raimi "Hell"

Justin Long has been cast in Sam Raimi's next film, "Drag Me To Hell." Alison Lohman replaced Ellen Page as the lead actress when Page decided to bale out at last minute.

After seeing Long in "Live Free or Die hard," I've "longed" to see him do more than just really, really, really bad Happy Madison comedies. ("Strange Wilderness") The mac guy has some talent in him, he just needs to go other places to let it out. While a supernatural Sam Raimi feature may seem too typical of a role for a young actor who mostly plays teen parts and is often in bad comedies, I have hope that Long will be more than cannon fodder in the "long run." (Okay, I'll stop.)

Anyway, production begins at the end of march.

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