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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Three Hundred and One Spartans?

Producer Mark Canton has given some not too subtle hints, during a recent interview for "The Spiderwick Chronicles," that a sequel to "300" may be in the works.

Here's part of the exclusive interview from SOSHollywood:

Is a new 300 a reality? Should we expect to meet you again on a press junket for that?
(Another gigantic smile)
Wouldn’t it be nice to do that again with Zack (Snyder).

So you’re going for it, right?
I just said “wouldn’t it be nice?”. But I’d love to. (and he winked). Budgets are really a problem to approve these days. (Another smile and left the room).

If that isn't enough, sources within Warner Brothers are claiming that a "300" sequel is ready and waiting to go in to production.

If this is true, I wonder what would happen next and if it's necessary? I loved "300" and found it to be one of the most entertaining and powerful action gems of last year. Does such a story need a sequel though. I suppose it wouldn't be as bad as making a sequel to "Gladiator," but I simply don't see a sequel holding up well without Butler as King Leonidas. Frank Miller's graphic novel doesn't span anywhere after the end presented in "300" and though there is more history to the Greco-Persian war, lets face it, history isn't why we go to see "300."

I'm on the fence for this one. I don't like the idea of a sequel, but I'm also curious to see where they take it. Time, as always, will tell.

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